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What is Stretch Films

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Stretch film is a plastic film used to secure, bundle, and stabilize products. Stretch film is made from linear low-density polyethylene. When applying the film is to be pulled and stretched around products to obtain tight and secured product loads. Stretch film comes in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and colors.  We offer multiple varieties of stretch film to choose from in a wide array of widths and thicknesses. All of our stretch wrap film is made from virgin material ensuring the highest quality possible. Stretch wrap is usually made of linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE. There are two methods of producing it: 

Blown, where the resin is melted and blown out then air-cooled. This process is slower,but results in film of a higher quality.This also costs more to produce because of the quantity that can be produced per hour.

Cast,where the film is passed over cooling rollers,which considerably speeds up the cooling process.It costs less to produce than blown ones,because the film can be made in multiple layers. The layers allow the film to be made with cling properties on one side,which is perfect if you want one pallet to stick to the one next to it.The layers also make the film stronger with the addition of tough layers on the inside.

Most of what’s commercially available nowadays is cast,Stretch Wrap film, which is clearer and quieter release than blown ones when coming off the roll. 

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